Sunday, May 06, 2012

Troy Hayson and Colin Black in scene 4 of Club Inferno Dungeon's Down and Dirty

Troy Haydon lubes up a long dildo, waiting for his handball-buddy Colin Black to show up. Colin enters and bends over so Troy can open his tight hole with the fake cock. Determined to get his fist up Colin's ass, Troy chooses a much thicker weapon and continues to stretch his hole. As soon as Colin gives the go-ahead, Troy shoves his greasy man-hand in Colin's hole. Colin, the ultimate greedy fist-pig, keeps pushing back on Troy's fist until it's hard to tell who's punch-fucking whom. Once he's had enough Troy pulls off his glove, shoves it in Colin's ass and leaves it there, waiting for the next down and dirty top to come along. See them now at!