Sunday, May 06, 2012

Gavin Green drills Joel Mayberry at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony writes, "Sometimes getting a guy into bed takes some finessing. Gavin Greene has got an urge, and he's hoping that Joel Mayberry will help him satisfy his desire. Gavin's too horny for small talk and jumps right to telling Joel that he's into bondage, and has been a switch to a professional dominant. Sensing that Joel may be a little uneasy, Gavin dials it back a bit. He starts talking sports, and Joel's interest in renewed. Joel is intrigued by Gavin's offer to show him some defensive moves. Gavin leads in with a few simple maneuvers, then takes his mark, and takes Joel down. Lying on the carpet with Gavin on top of him, Joel is aware of the mounting tension. Gavin rubs Joel's chest, tugs at his shirt, and slyly asks Joel if he's done this before. In the seconds following Joel's timid admission, Gavin pounces. He straddles Joel, and pulling down Joel's pants, Gavin tackles Joel's cock with his mouth! Joel moans loudly, as he tries to wriggle out of his button-down and undershirt. Gavin reaches up to help, and the two become passionately lip-locked. Gavin gropes hungrily, suckling onto Joel's hardened meatstick. Joel pinches at his own nipple as his panting sighs of pleasure increase in their intensity. Gavin chokes as he eagerly tries to deep-throat all of Joel's pole. Gavin hops up and grabbing Joel by the waist, throws him onto the sofa. Gavin hurriedly pushes down his pants and pushes his schlong into Joel's mouth. Joel slurps at Gavin's throbbing rod, which grows fatter against his slippery lips. Gavin grabs Joel by the back of the neck. He pulls Joel's hair, as he forces Joel to take his sweet sword even deeper. Gavin fucks Joel's face, ramming into him with his bulging phallus. Joel pulls away, gagging, as tears well up in his eyes. Gavin pushes Joel toward the sofa. Joel leans over the cushions, spreading his legs, his pink ass-candy glistening a welcome for Gavin. Gavin smacks the tip of his engorged spooge tube against Joel's assmouth. Gavin slides into Joel's ass easily, as he smacks his tight buttcheek. Gavin plows into Joel, as Joel, panting, cries out, "Fuck me!" Gavin pulls out abruptly. Yanking Joel by the arm, Gavin throws him against the wall. Joel leans into the wall with both hands, as Gavin pushes his weight into him. Gavin rams into Joel, mercilessly fucking his boy's ass. Joel, unable to restrain himself, screams out in the pain that is pleasure. Gavin reaches forward, forcibly covering Joel's mouth with his clenched palm. Gavin throws Joel to the bed, pushing Joel's legs back against his chest. Gavin enters Joel, thrusting fast and hard. Joel reaches for his own straining, vein-laden cock, and begins jerking at it wildly. Gavin thrashes into Joel's honey ass repeatedly, then pulls quickly away. Jumping onto the bed, Gavin points his pink, taut head at Joel's mouth- a bright red arrow sign indicating the direction of things to come. Joel leans back, mouth wide, ready for Gavin's cum delivery. Gavin spews thick, creamy chunks of gooey sperm spunk down Joel's cheeks. Joel suckles at Gavin's tip, draining him of his very last drop of jizz." See them now at