Monday, May 07, 2012

Alex Vaara Shows off his gaping hole at Cockyboys

Cockyboys writes, "True or False? - Alex Vaara looks like the typical innocent and friendly young boy who you're more likely to see helping out an old lady cross the street than getting into trouble? True. He does look like that. But is that who he really is? FALSE!!! If you even for a second thought any of that could be close to the truth you need to spend just a few minutes with him to realize - this boy has a little devil in him and it's no joke. Alex Vaara's middle name is Trouble (that's right, Alex Trouble Vaara), and there is absolutely no question about that. Screw the old lady crossing the street! Alex is more likely to be found all tied up somewhere in a dungeon getting his smooth pink hole plowed by a bunch of big muscle tops. Alex spent a couple of weekends with me in Palm Springs and I could not believe my eyes when I saw how much trouble he got himself into. It all started out with a solo and then… Oh, my! You'll have to wait and see. Alex Vaara will NOT be denied attention (or cock) so I suggest you push "Play" immediately to see this little devil finger his hole and shoot his load like a pro." See him now at!