Thursday, May 10, 2012

Parker London and Christopher Daniels in Lucas Entertainment's Drenched

While Parker London naturally has a clean, all-American look, blond hunk Christopher Daniels sullies it at the very beginning of their scene by soaking and drenching Parker in his piss. Chris has a big cock, and there is plenty of piss shooting from it into Parker’s open and begging mouth, who spits it back onto Chris’ flexed six-pack stomach. After he’s drained, Chris face-fucks Parker, gagging him with each pump down his throat! Chris is one of the sexiest gay pornstars working today, and it’s instant hard-on material seeing him drop to his knees to take all the same abuse that he just doled out to Parker. Chris blows Parker’s piss back onto his body while keeping him hard with a deep, slurping blowjob. After the boys are done with their hardcore dick sucking, Chris gets down on his elbows and knees, exposing his tight hole to Parker, who dives right in for a hot ass-eating session. Parker keeps Chris nice and tender by ringing out his urine-soaked jock into Chris’ hole. Chris begs and moans for cock, so Parker fills his needs -- rolling on a condom, he opens up Chris’ hole and starts to pound the begging blond bitch. Parker gives Chris one hell of a workout by flipping the blond sex machine into different positions, including have Chris sit on his lap and do all the work by riding Parker’s cock! When Chris is on his back, Parker hammers him while he pisses all over himself. The scene is complete when the guys mixed the puddles of piss with their cum! See them now in!