Saturday, May 05, 2012

Axl's Back in a Hot Duo with Bric at Active Duty

Axl's got some ideas of his own and Bric's ass is one of them. I think by this point Bric had decided the same thing. You can tell he's taken to the more submissive role and today that seems just fine for Axl. He likes watching Bric play with his big uncut cock while he services his. And I must admit it is hot to watch. Axl can't take it anymore and tells Bric to crawl on top of him and put that big dick in his mouth. Bric does as Axl wishes and begins feeding him the huge uncut meat. Axl takes to it like a fish to water and Bric enjoys feeding the hunger. Axl fucks his own mouth with the uncut tip of Bric's huge cock while Bric works the foreskin back and forth on his hot red lips. Bric reaches back and doubles the pleasure for Axl by stroking his cock while he's feeding him his. All the while Axl's hard cock is getting closer and closer to Bric's pretty ass and before you know it, Bric is rubbing it up and down his beautiful crack, caressing it and trying it on for size. You can tell he wants it pretty badly. He's working that cock and squeezing those balls and inching down on that dick to get it nice and ready. He goes back down on Axl once more for good measure. Axl takes the time to enjoy Bric's balls for a minute before he starts playing with his ass. Once he starts rubbing that hot round ass his mind goes somewhere else. In a moment just before Axl is about to fuck Bric, Axl gets the idea of being docked by Bric's foreskin. They try it and it works. Bric's darker foreskin covers the pink head of Axl's cock just perfectly. This moves things to a sword fight of sorts for a bit before the good stuff. Bric saddles up on top of Axl, riding him and rubbing their cocks together like two rowdy cowboys. You know what's about to happen is going to take your breath away. The tension is filling the air and something is about to explode. Axl has Bric's ass cheeks spread open as he rubs his cock against it. Bric rides it with his ball sack and the two are having way more fun than the law allows. Bric's showing off that pink hole to Axl like teasing a nympho. Bric's got Axl just where Axl thinks he's got Bric and what's about to happen is worth waiting to see..See them now at!