Sunday, May 06, 2012

Luke Desmond and Jonny James at Hard Brit Lads

Jonny lays on his back, holding his fat dick upright, and Luke Desmond, facing us, slowly lowers himself down onto it. First the thick meat just teases his hole, then Luke squeezes the bulging tip in, taking just the first couple of inches, the thickness making him pretty breathless, and he eases the rest of it slowly in. He lifts himself up and down on it, gently to begin with, clearly loving the intensity as his cock is rock solid and pointing upright as he starts to ride Jonnys big meat. This is SUCH horny action. He gradually speeds up, then Jonny grips his ass, holding him up, and starts to thrust into him harder and faster.. He speeds up till he is really pounding him hard, and he fucks him till he cant take any more. Next, they switch… Jonny was nervous about this, but really wanted to try taking it.. So Luke goes very slow.. Jonny lays on his back, his ass on the edge of the bed, Luke on his knees, he takes hold of Jonnys stiff dick to keep him hard as he pushes his cock against Jonnys hairy hole. Luke pushes his dick in, just a little, and Jonny makes a lot of noise, its clearly very intense. Bit by bit, Luke gets his dick further in, and when its about halfway in, he starts to slowly fuck.. Jonny continues to make a lot of noise throughout this.. As he relaxes, Luke starts to fuck deeper, and then a little harder, till Jonny is taking every inch like a pro. Then they try a very adventurous position… Luke lays on his back, curling his legs up, rolling himself backwards so his knees are above his shoulders, ass right up in the air. Jonny stands over him, facing away, pushing his dick downwards onto Lukes hole, and pushes it in. Its an incredible position, and Ive never had guys do it before, so this was a first for me. Jonny fucks Luke for a couple of minutes, and its super hot. For a forth and final position, Luke is standing, leaning against the wall, and Jonny stands behind him, and pushes his cock back in to his ass for a final pounding. And he REALLY goes for it, with long deep strokes, almost pulling all the way out as he fucks, then slamming it back in as deep as he can. Lukes dick is rock solid as Jonny pounds into him, and looks ready to shoot the entire time. But he holds off long enough for Jonny to really go for it. Lots of awesome action here. Luke cant hold off any longer tho, and as Jonny pounds him, he shoots hard, his white creamy cum shooting out onto the black pillows below. Jonny pulls out, and Luke gets down to sit underneath Jonny, to watch him cum over him.. Jonny jerks off hard, and in a matter of seconds he shoots.. and prepare yourself, because when Jonny shoots he REALLY spunks hard, with several powerful jets spraying Lukes chest. See them now at!