Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Brad and Clayton at Naked Marine

Dirty Tony writes, "Petty Officer Clayton and Brad are shooting the shit on the cot. Brad is about to be deployed to Afghanistan and he's wearing the Army's latest and greatest in camouflage to get ready for action. The guys get a little restless and begin showing each other their least- and most-favorite physical training exercises. The sinew of Army Specialist Brad's youthful muscles contrasts with the seasoned Petty Officer's mature military build. The PT devolves into another sort of physical competition as the two start to stroke their cocks while watching some porn. Clayton's ever-horny demeanor spills out as the shy Private tries to work on his cock through the virgin uniform. He's finally talked into a single kiss. Clayton takes the opportunity to reach over and feel what's kindling under the fireproof material. The guys whip out their swords and Clayton immediately goes in for some sucking on the young private uncut military cock. He leans back and enjoys the feeling of the velvety inner cock sleeve of Clayton's mouth. Finally the elder soldier asks if Brad wants to give cocksucking a go. He jumps right into his work like a foxhole. He slurps happily and enjoys every minute of Clayton's hard staff. Not satisfied with the oral arrangement, Brad offers to fuck Clayton - who quickly obliges. Brad goes at Clayton's hole from behind, working his cock deep inside the sailor's warm inner sanctum. Clayton grunts and moans, alternating between pain and pleasure. Flipping onto his back, Petty Officer Clayton is ready to have Brad's rod seek it's home port. Brad pumps away, caressing Clayton's hairy chest and tweaking his nipples to add to the fun. Clayton begins to groan and his thick cock erupts white jelly onto his furry abs. Brad is ready too. He coats Clayton's face with glistening military goo - so excited that he shoots beyond his comrade, onto the cot and the floor beyond. "See them now at DirtyTony.com!