Friday, May 11, 2012

Jayden Tyler and Raphael Cedano at Randy Blue

While a good many people fantasize about beating the shit out of the guys who bullied them, there's a percentage of gay men who's fantasies go quite the other way. When Jayden Tyler gets picked on by Raphael Cedano he realizes that the ones who put up the biggest fight have the most to hide. He goes down on Raphael quicker than you can say 'suck my cock' and takes all seven and a half inches deep into his throat. Raphael has gained quite a taste for cock himself lately and eagerly gives Jayden a taste of his own medicine. These two greedy fuckers want it all right then and there so without missing a beat Jayden goes back down on Raphael while he munches on Jayden's hot ass. But you know that won't go for too long because once Raphael gets going there's no stopping his ravenous sexual appetite. He starts fucking Jayden's hungry hole all over that locker room and doesn't stop until he's covered in both of their loads. See them now at!