Saturday, May 05, 2012

Aiden Spar gets dirty with Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony writes, "I love a man in, and out, of uniform. Especially when they are a tender age of 25 and cute as a button like Aiden. He just got out of the Navy and really really wants to try his hand in the wonderful world of porn. This hot-to-trot military boy found his way to me by lusting after some of the other boys on the site. He liked what he saw and wanted to join in the fun. Now I need to see exactly how talented Aiden is before I can hook him up with a cutie from my stable. Aiden Spar was a little nervous when he first came in; this being his first time and all. He then mentioned that he is more comfortable in the nude at home. So we decided that it would be in his best interest to get naked immediately. He moves to the bed and pulls his shirt off, exposing smooth muscular pecs and a rocking six-pack. I can see just the slightest bit of pubic hair poking out the top of his undies, and I can't wait to see the rest! Aiden shoves his hands into his jeans and an impressive bulge begins to grow. It is not long until he whips out his great uncut cock and starts stroking away. Aiden rolls over on his side and teases me by fingering his tight hole with his middle digit. It is at this moment I notice just how much he has been staring at me and my own growing bulge. I ask if he would like a closer look and Aiden happily jumps at the chance by slipping off my belt and sliding my cock in between his soft lips. I have met (in the biblical sense of course) quite a few Navy guys in my life and Aiden is definitely one of my favorites. He sucks dick like a real champ and lets my fingers do some exploring of their own. Aiden's pucker tightens so nicely around my fingers as I glide them in and out of his perky ass, I know he is having as much fun as I am. A couple slaps on the ass later, and both of us are ready to blow. Aiden opens wide as I let loose an arsenal of hot white ropes all over his face and into his mouth. I even got a little in his eye, and he cheerily responded that a little cum never hurt anyone." See them now at