Friday, February 12, 2010

Tony Falco fucks JB Downs at Collegedude 247

"Tony Falco has quickly become one of the most requested dudes lately. We were really happy that he was available to pound the daylights out of JB Downs. Tony - who does not get any practice off set - is a quick learner! JB was extremely nervous before the scene, in part because it had been over a year since he had been fucked, and partially because Tony has a cock that is bigger than he thought he could take. When Tony and JB get started, though, it is all hot, sweaty mansex. Tony forces JB down on his thick cock, encouraging JB to keep going deeper and deeper. JB looks hot with a dick down his throat, and Tony is loving the sensation. Tony flips JB over and starts in with some serious assplay - rimming, fingering, slapping JBs ass until it is beet-red! Once JB is sufficiently loosened up, Tony pins JB against the wall and goes to town on his hot ass. Even when it seems like JB cannot take anymore he proceeds to ride Tonys hot pole like a champ. Tony finishes JB off on the arm of the couch with an amazing cum explosion that covers JB and slowly starts dripping down his bod, as JB is obviously loving the feeling. Hot Fuck!"