Thursday, February 18, 2010

Adam flip flops with Bi-Stud Nikko at On the Hunt

Bi stud Nikko shoots his first sex scene with our versatile jock Adam in this week's episode! Porn star Jeremy Hall starts things off by asking Nikko about his sexual experiences. He says that he's fucked a guy but he has never been fucked himself. Adam smiles as he knows what's in store for this anal virgin! After making out, Adam drops to his knees and devours Nikko's uncut cock. Nikko takes his turn on Adam and then our studs head to the shower to suck and rim before moving onto the bed. After more cock and ass servicing, Nikko decides to bottom first. Adam slowly inches his cock inside Nikko as Jeremy coaches him to relax. There is no doubt that this is his first time! Nikko then decides that it's his turn to fuck. Adam rides that hard Italian cock until he shoots on Nikko's six pack, and Nikko cums on his own abs too!