Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Erik Rhodes and Derrek Diamond in Falcon's Pledgemaster The Hazing

I'm all about Derrek Diamond. When every film or scene he does my love for his ass grows more and more. He's fucking hot and I love that he's being used and cast well. I'm always looking forward to more from him and it seems more is what I always get...SWEET!

Pledgemaster Erik Rhodes readies himself to welcome Derrek Diamond into their fraternity. After questioning his willingness to go the distance, he makes the handsome candidate strip down. He orders Derrek to lick his boots clean, then belts his naked rump with a riding crop. Next he stuffs his thick uncut cock down Derrek's throat, causing the pledge to gag on its girth. But Erik can also be benevolent. He comforts Derrek by sucking his cock and rimming his ass. Erik quickly follows the oral consolation with some swordplay as he impales his little bro with his mighty weapon. The rape is fierce but welcomed and both studs work up a sweat. Only when they both blow their loads do they savor their personal victory, their special bond. They are now brothers in all ways and in a symbolic gesture, Erik welcomes Derrek into their special fellowship by pouring hot melted wax all over his chest." Pledgemaster also features Nash Lawler, T.J. Hawke, Cameron Marshall, Patrick Kennedy, Jake Woods, Kyler Benz, John Magnum, Dayton O'Connor, Luke Marcum


Thonnibg said...

Mr.Rhodes and the bullwhip-mhm I feel dirty again;-)

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Jr said...

It's not just you Tony, there is so much content that it has to load before you can move. I am looking into getting a new layout, because for some reason this layout won't let me alter how many post I can have on the page!

Jr said...

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