Saturday, February 20, 2010

Real Big...Boys Measure up. Some serious meat involved here

Seven hot boys, from different parts of the country, receive an email that they have been picked for an all-out sex filled weekend in a house in Florida's Gay Mecca, Ft. Lauderdale. All of them have one thing in common..They are Real Big! Each guy packs over 8 inches and one is a massive 11 incher.

Mario Costa

Lex Sabre


Nick Cross

Austin Grant

Christian Wilde

Tommy Defendi

Mario Costa's dick is as big as he is. Holy shit. I wanted to see him fuck Christian Wilde with that damn thing. Of course he ended up bottoming. It was great seeing Lex Sabre bottom for Tommy Defendi. Talk about fucking sexy...Tommy Defendi looks Amazing. The trailer for this flix is long and hot. You've got to check it out. I'm sold. I love it.


Anonymous said...

they should have used someone else for the cover.