Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Active Duty 
Double Time 5 with David, Blake and Brian and Domenic

David is aggressive, but Blake holds his own because he's just as horny for David as David is for him. David can't wait to get Blake's huge cock out of his jeans to play with it and he starts working earnestly toward that goal as Blake keeps him busy with plenty of hot kisses. Once he's got his hands on Blake's huge meat and Blake has latched on to his, you know things are about to get wild. The pants come off to reveal two of the hottest, biggest, thickest and prettiest cocks in all of gay porn. You'd swear that you are watching these two fall in love right before your eyes. It's so hot watching these two big-dicked boys really get into one another.

In the next scene, Brian and Domenic seem to completely forget that there is a camera in the room as they start out in the shower lathering each other up. Things go from suds and sucking in the shower to some good old-fashioned fucking out of the shower. Watching these two suck cock is like watching an artist prepare the canvas to paint his masterpiece. Once they get into the fucking you'll be glazed over and ready for that final stroke of genius. Domenic takes Brian's cock and makes it his as he rides it and jerks himself as Brian leans back on the edge of the tub and offers it up for Domenic's sweet ass. The end result is nothing short of explosive as these two shoot some really huge loads.