Friday, February 12, 2010

Christian Wilde, John Magnum and Rod Daily in Scene 2 of Hot House's Trust me I'm a Doctor

Seancody's gives another one a start, Joey resurfaces at Hot House looking as goofy as ever...LOL. He has a great ass and his dick looks hot, but his face, I can't get past it. He's not bad looking or anything, there's just something annoying about him. Christian Wilde is back after a years absence so we'll have to wait and see how he delivers. Rod Daily looks great. I love his scenes and looks damn sexy in those blue Scrubs.

"Poor Christian Wilde reports to Dr. John Magnum complaining of a problem keeping his dick hard. After an initial examination Dr. Magnum calls in the ED expert, Rod Daily. Both Magnum and Daily take turns sucking Wilde's cock, getting him rock hard with ease. Part two of the exam tests Wilde's ability to stay hard. Daily jumps up on the exam table and Dr. Magnum instructs Wilde to fuck him. Eventually both patient and doctor have fucked Daily until semen samples are collected all around!"