Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fourway featuring Jesse Santana, Bobby Clark, Luke Hamill, and Manuel Rios at Cockyboys

"Cockyboys Jesse Santana and Bobby Clark are on a leisurely boat ride through the red light district with Bel Ami hotties Manuel Rios and Luke Hamil. When they get back to their hotel room the guys waste no time in getting down to business. Immediately they dive into a fourway frenzy of kissing, groping, and sucking each other off. It's almost hard to keep up with the action there's so many dicks in different mouths. When it's time to get down to the anal action Bobby, Luke, and Manuel all share the duty of eating out Jesse's hot ass before Bobby starts plowing Manuel on his back while Luke fucks Jesse doggie style. Then Luke and Bobby sit down on the bed while Jesse and Manuel ride their dicks. Then the boys switch partners and Luke fucks Manuel doggie style while Jesse, who's getting slammed on his back by Bobby, sucks on Manuel's big dick. Jesse's the first to blow his load with Bobby still deep inside his ass. Then Bobby pulls out and unloads all over Jesse's checks and mouth. Luke pulls out next and shoots a load right into Manuel's mouth. Finally Manuel shoots his wad into Jesse's mouth and all over his face."


Anonymous said...

It seem like everyone has jumped on the Bel Ami Men.