Friday, April 29, 2011

Roman and Skyler play a little Basketball at Naked Frat House

Roman dominantly leans in and seductively sucks Skyler's tongue into his mouth while his wandering hands immediately jump to his crotch and slide Skyler's shorts down a ways to release the spring-loaded erection that leaps up and slaps against abs making a sound. Taking his cue, Roman eagerly shoves the trembling hardon deep into his mouth while Skyler reclines and enjoys the awesome oral service. Unable to take it any longer without busting his nut, Skyler signals to Roman to lay off a bit, and takes charge pushing him back onto his hot muscular ass and getting down on the floor to swallow Roman's swollen dick. Skyler passionately sucks on that big cock until Roman decides it's time to penetrate his tight furry hole and puts him on all fours to getting one last look at that tight rosebud, before he tenderly stretches it all out of shape by stuffing his engorged meat inside of it's strangling walls. Once Skyler is used to this rock hard dick, Roman really starts to give it to him hard, pounding so deeply his retainer flew out of his mouth. Next, Skyler decides to put it down on him, turning around and letting Roman sit back as he situates his hole and slides down his cock all the way to the base. Pumping up and down Roman almost loses control and explodes his nut in the condom, so he lays Skyler back and reams his pink-sphinc in missionary looking deeply into his eyes as Skyler pumps a sticky load all over his fuzzy treasure trail. Following suite, Roman extracts his sausage and fires off 100 rounds of sperm bullets that mostly whizz past Skyler's cute face and stain the sofa upholstery. See them now at!