Friday, April 22, 2011

Dustin and Kale at Active Duty in Double Take 9

Dustin and Kale are two new Active Duty recruits whose streaming scene heated up this weekend's update.
"Put that cock in my ass" is what Kale says to Dustin as he looks back at him, throwing his ass in the air toward Dustin's hard cock. Dustin wastes no time. He goes right in and buries his cock in Kale's fury little bubble butt. Kale eggs him on, telling him to "fuck that tight little ass" and giving Dustin the go ahead to rail him good. Dustin takes orders well and uses his own hot bubble butt to slam deeper and harder into Kale's hole. Watching Dustin's bubble butt thrusting in and out is hot all in itself. Dustin reaches around and starts jerking Kale's cock to the same rhythm he's fucking his ass and Kale is really getting into it. At one point he's slamming back on Dustin's cock harder and faster than Dustin is pounding him.
"Get it, get it" comes Kale's demands as Dustin continues to rail his ass into next week. I think Kale has found his perfect cock to fuck him just the way he likes it. Dustin puts Kale on his side and fucks him from behind as Kale strokes his hard cock. They kiss even more as Dustin's cock slides in and out of Kale's furry little hole. Dustin reaches around and does Kale's stroking for him. What Dustin does next is great. While he's fucking Kale's hole, he reaches around and spreads his own pink pucker for all to view. He's not only giving us a good view of him fucking Kale's ass, but a great view of him fingering his own hole. He starts licking and sucking Kale's nipples all the while, making sure there's plenty going on for us to watch.
What happens next will blow your mind. Dustin is so limber he's able to suck on Kale's cock while he pounds his ass! Doing it from the side gives us such a good view. Dustin wants Kale to cum for him, so he puts Kale in his favorite position and Kale blows his load all over his stomach as Dustin continues to pound him. Won't be long before Dustin follows his lead as Kale tells him to explode all over him. Dustin lands his load all over Kale and Kale likes the warmth. Kale reaches up and squeezes out the rest of the cum from Dustin's cock, they go for another hot kiss and then they tease the camera with Dustin's perfect ass and what will hopefully be coming soon." See them now at!