Saturday, April 23, 2011

Trevor Tryst and Sage Daniels in a scene from BareBack that Hole

Sage Daniels on his knees with his face buried in Trevor Tryst's crotch. Sage slobbers and slurps on his cut tool as he tongues and sucks his big hanging nuts. Sage works his mouth closer and closer to Trevor’s smooth ass crack. Trevor eagerly returns the favor and gets his own taste of Sage’s dick. It’s not long before Trevor plants his tongue into Sage’s raw hole. He buries his face and tongue deep between his firm ass cheeks all in preparation for the raw fuck that he will be throwing into him. The sex heats up when Trevor throws Sage onto his stomach and slips his bare cock deep into his greedy hole. Sage pants in delight and begs Trevor for his cock deeper and harder. Trevor takes great pride in pile driving Sage’s ass as he leaves him breathless and begging for more. The sex intensifies when Trevor throws Sage onto his back and pulls his legs wide apart. Trevor fucks his ass deep and hard with long driving thrusts. He is relentless as he continues to pummel Sage’s needy hole. Sage says to Trevor "I want to ride you... Let me ride you... Go sit in the chair" Sage then spreads his ass cheeks and with his hole, swallows Trevor’s prick with one huge ass gulp. Sage’s cock stands rock hard as he rides Trevor with perfect precision. He grinds his ass deep onto Trevor’s cock riding the shaft balls deep. Trevor regains control as he throws Sage onto the bed on his back. He spreads his legs and slides his raw cock deep into Sage’s willing butt once again. Trevor fucks the load right out of Sage as he shoots and spews all over his chest. It doesn’t take long for Trevor to drop his nut all over himself. See these nasty fuckers now at!