Saturday, April 23, 2011

Logan Scott and Max Chandler in Another Boner Break at Next Door Buddies

Logan Scott works at a chain department store. He spends most of his day in the 'fine menswear' section, helping middle-aged dudes try on cheap suits. To break up the mind-numbing boredom, Logan usually pounds a few beers and jerks off in the staff bathroom during his lunch break. He's always wondered about the mysterious hole in the stall wall. How did it get there?? Why would someone put it there? Logan also noticed that it's perfectly cock height. 'Strange,' he's thought. When a lost customer, Max Chandler, wanders into the staff bathroom during Logan's break, Logan uses the hole to peer out at him while stroking his meat.
When Max notices the hole, he becomes curious as a kitten, looking through to see what's on the other side. Logan takes this rare opportunity to plop his large dick out the hole, right in Max's face. If there's one thing Max has learned from getting lost in department stores (which often happens to him), it's to suck any cock that comes into his 'bone zone.' Max's bone zone is a 2 foot radius in any direction from his mouth. After enjoying this stranger's thick hard-on, Logan comes out of the stall to meet his fellator face-to-face...and dick-to-asshole. See them now at!