Thursday, March 08, 2012

Shane Frost Fucks Andrew Jakk in Right Here / Right Now at Jock Studio

Basking in the afternoon sun, Andrew Jakk’s reverie is disturbed when Shane Frost ambles in to smother him with kisses. Andrew wants more right there, right now, so he pulls Shane’s pants open to suck his cock. Stroking the shaft with one hand, he opens wide to swallow the tasty meat pole. Shane responds by yanking Andrew’s shorts off and he falls face down into his crotch to deep throat his cock. Then he spreads Andrew’s legs apart and starts to munch on his tight hole. He jiggles his forefinger inside the crack as he continues licking it, lulling Andrew into a deliriously submissive state. Andrew is soon on his knees with Shane fucking him fast and hard from behind. Then Andrew is flipped onto his back with Shane holding onto his outstretched legs as they fuck some more. Andrew jacks himself off excitedly and blasts shots of jism up across his belly. Shane pulls out and after yanking his crank to climax, adds his gooey mess onto his exhausted partner. See them now at!