Monday, March 12, 2012

Josh West and Tober Brandt at Lavender Lounge

Sometimes kink is as much in the mind as it is in the groin. In this scene featuring two legendary porn stars, there is something subversive going on that isn’t quite explained. It’s a bright sunny day and Josh West is reading the morning paper. Checking his watch, he sees it’s time to go into action, so he pours a cup of coffee and takes it down to the dungeon. Tober Brandt is there tied to beam wrapped in cellophane. Woken by Josh pouring a shot of caffeine down his throat, we’re left to wonder why Tober is tied up and for how long? What does Josh have in mind wearing that frightening-looking rubber butcher’s apron? What kind atrocities happened the night before? Carefully slicing open the cellophane around his crotch area, Josh stimulates Tober’s massive meat. Careful not to get poked by the sharp metal point attached to Tober&r! squo;s Prince Albert, Josh stirs the juices in his submissive subject. We soon become aware that these two are both kinky bastards cause it’s all consensual. Removing the remaining restraints shows that Tober was totally turned on by the bondage. Continuing the bondage effects, Josh puts Tober on his knees with his outstretched arms chained to the beams while he services Josh’s giant cock. While still in chains, Tober gets bent over at the waist to get his ass rimmed and ready for fucking. Josh loves teasing the hole by rubbing and slapping his fat cock against it. Retiring to the sling, Josh plays with Tober’s ass some more, licking and fingering it teasingly. The moment of penetration is shown clearly as that massive cock slowly enters, but the thrusting soon intensifies to a feverous pitch. The two hairy muscle studs are a perfect match, and completely comfortable with each other. See them now at!