Monday, March 12, 2012

Bruno Bordas and Juan Pablo at World of Men

Bruno Bordas and Juan Pablo are at the local park looking for a hook-up. They connect and head off to have sex. They arrive at an apartment and immediately get into it. They kiss, and quickly, their shirts come off. Bruno is all over Juan, licking his chest and nipples, his arm pits, his arms and down to his fingers and fist. Their clothes are off, and Bruno works on Juan’s dick. He slides under him and sucks his balls, ass and then his dick from beneath for a long blow job. Eventually, he moves to his rear to eat his ass. Juan kneels on the bed to get more. It looks like Bruno is gearing up to fuck Juan, but it’s Bruno who gets fucked by Juan. Bruno is spread out to get fucked, first on his back and then from the rear on his side. Bruno finally jacks off and cums while Juan is ramming him, and then Juan cums over him. See them now at!