Friday, March 02, 2012

Joel Mayberry and Max Morgan at Dirty Tony

Dirty Tony writes, "Joel Mayberry and Max Morgan are two too-horny guys looking for any excuse to fuck! In an effort to help them get to know each other a little better, I've rigged their guessing game of flash cards. As Max and Joel play through the cards, a pattern begins to emerge: these topics are a little bit dirty! Joel loses his composure, blurting out that his card's secret word is actually his favorite thing. It doesn't take Max long to realize that a blowjob is what Joel is talking about. Max, ever the clever one, takes the initiative and pounces on Joel. Max is into Joel's jeans in a heartbeat, and takes Joel's already hard cock deep between his lips. Joel enthusiastically pushes Max's head down onto his dick, demanding for Max to, "deep-throat that shit!" Max gulps obediently, taking all of Joel into his face hole. Joel reaches for Max's jeans, unbuttoning his fly. Max's throbbing schlong springs out for attention, and Joel jerks at it frantically. Joel gasps with pleasure as Max continues to slobber on his dick. Max, multi-tasking now, takes his own cock in hand as he slurps on Joel's beef tube. Joel is nearly ready to burst. He looks to Max's erection hungrily, saying, "I think it's your turn!" Joel pulls down Max's pants and lands his mouth onto Max's red hot poking rod. As Max plays with his nipples, Joel's head bobs up and down on his johnson. Joel tickles the tip of Max's bulbous head with his saliva slicked tongue. Sliding effortless against the length of one another, they begin to suck each other's cock at the same time. This sixty-nine is a sloppy, gooey slurp session of high-speed sucking! Max wriggles his tongue into Joel's assmouth, kissing it's slippery opening. Joel hurriedly orders Max to jump on his dick. Max straddles Joel, easing himself onto Joel's purple monster with a dollop of spit. Joel and Max grab at each other, banging feverishly together. Max pulls at Joel's massive member as if it were his own. The fucking speed shifts gears, as Joel gets Max up all fours. Joel thrashes into Max from behind, annihilating his ass, doggie-style. Joel pulls Max over to the edge of the bed like a rag doll. He pushes Max's leg up over his shoulder, and enters him one more time. Joel plows deeply into Max, spreading him wider with each forceful thrust. Joel's panting escalates to a loud groan as Max utters, breathlessly, "I'm getting close!" Max's jizz splashes onto his stomach in quick, bursting pellets of frothy cream. Max lifts his head toward Joel's cock tip and his imminent load. Joel streaks Max's face in squirt after cum-filled squirt of hot liquid ecstasy. Max catches every drop he can into his thirsting mouth hole. Glistening cum trails drain down the side of Max's face. After a deep sigh of release, Joel laughs, "I think we might need some new sheets!" See them now at!