Wednesday, March 03, 2010

I love me some Johnny Angel...

Johnny Angel Jackhammers RJ Alexander’s Tight Hole in Lucas Enterainment's, RUSH!

In our next scene from RUSH, featuring beefstud Johnny Angel and gruff RJ Alexander, RJ Alexander decides to keep the key that’s passed between his other friends, and after his encounter with Johnny Angel, we can see why he wants a return visit. Tattooed Johnny strips with RJ and they eagerly exchange blowjobs without a moment’s hesitation. Johnny pushes RJ against the wall and dives tongue-first into his exquisite rump. Johnny spreads RJ’s legs apart and, for lack of a better term, dicks him down like an animal in heat! RJ gasps in disbelief as Johnny goes deeper and harder at an accelerated pace. Johnny jackhammers RJ’s ass and bounces him across the bed until he erupts from the heat… and the RUSH!