Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Ashley Ryder gets Double Penetrated with a huge black Dildo

If you looked up "hot power bottom" in the dictionary you'd find a picture of Ashley Ryder and he aims to live up to that title in this scene with a little help from big dicked Sam Barclay and a couple of huge rubber dildos. Ashley starts off trying to fit all of Sam's massive cock into his mouth and actually succeeds without choking! Sam really makes sure that Ashley works his dick good as he pushes his head down onto it. As a reward for being such a good cock sucker Sam fucks Ashley missionary style on the sofa for a while and then pulls out an incredibly long dildo and works it all the way into Ashley's ass. Then he gets back to fucking Ashley, double penetrating him with the dildo still inside Ashley's ass! Then Sam sits on the sofa so Ashley can bounce up and down on his cock. Next Sam pulls out a MASSIVE black dildo and destroys Ashley's ass with it while Ashley, struggling to take it, blows Sam until Sam shoots a huge load all over Sam's face and into his eagerly awaiting mouth. Then Ashley shoots his own huge load all over himself, the big black dildo still inside him.