Thursday, March 11, 2010

Devin Draz is Married...WHAT WHAT WHAT????

You've got to be kidding me? Devin Draz is Married...TO A WOMAN...WITH A VAGINA... WHAT??? This dude has blown Dirty Tony and taken his load in his mouth. He's been pounded by Robert and Fabian/A.J Irons. He the newest coverman for Colt's Ripped where he's getting fucked by John Magnum and Berke Banks...and now he's at Cocksuremen shoving things up his ass. Talk about making a name for yourself over night.

"Devin Draz is sexually adventurous straight guy, and Manhattan Beach bum. He loves spending time checking out all the local hotties (both the guys and the girls). Although he's married, he's still allowed to have some wild times. When not on the beach he can be found in the gym, working on that great body of his. Massive arms attach to his impressive chest. At a little over 6' tall and 200 lbs, he's a big boy. It's those eyes of his that will melt you though. Glacier blue and piercing, they are truly amazing. For those of you less interested in Devin's dreamy eyes and bulging muscles and more into that big cock of his, you're in luck. Devin cranks that cock with reckless abandon, and even shoves some fingers and a toy up his bubble-butt. If you enjoy this solo be sure to check out Devin's scene with his real-life wife over on!"