Monday, September 21, 2009

MJ Taylor Fucks Tyler Peter at Cockyboys

MJ Taylor gets down on the floor again to give Tyler Peter another deep wet blowjob before flipping Tyler around so he can eat out his as and lick his balls. That's all the incentive Tyler needs - next thing you know Tyler is sitting down on MJ's dick and riding it like there's no tomorrow. Then the guys stand up so MJ can fuck him from behind. They finally end up fucking missionary style with Tyler laying on the ground. It doesn't take long before MJ is hittin' that spot and Tyler is blowing his load all over his ripped abs. A moment later, MJ pulls out and dumps his own load all over Tyler.



Interested Prospect said...

I place great store by the direction of these males in their still shots. Although arguably static and almost hieratic in their stately recital of cliché, their postures and the camera’s perspective elicit a real appreciation of sexual hunger. MJ’s gorgeous projection of ass in cocksuck adopts ridefuck’s arc of penis assimilation, even as his tug on Tyler’s balls gives that cock nowhere else to go but in his craving mouth. Tyler, meanwhile, spares us nothing of his upright elegance, yielding especially fine relief to the extension of his dick in suck, and to the clasp of his anus in his glide on MJ’s fuck. Here is not merely a projection of pride and gorgeousness, but exquisite concentration on the coupling of one sexual fixture with another, which strikes the observer as rather central to one’s satisfaction in the first place.

I did regret the absence of stills of MJ’s feast in Tyler’s ass. Plainly, MJ would have fed with head uplifted and tilted back slightly, Tyler baring anus generously in a straddling stance, MJ’s blond mane affixed beneath his gorgeous butt. Here, the very tongue that treasured penis would have pled its troth to ass, elaborating tissues where his praising dick would pass. But again, the spread of Tyler’s butt upon MJ’s parted legs, with nothing but cock to secure its gorgeous rest, is a very fine shot.