Friday, September 11, 2009

Gabriel and Rodrigo flip flop at Cockyboys

The scene starts off with Rodrigo licking his way up Gabriel's leg, ass, and back. Then he flips Gabriel around so he can give him a nice slow blowjob. The two make out for a bit before getting into some hot 69 action where Gabriel switches between servicing Rodrigo's cock and ass. Deciding he wants his own ass eating out some more, Gabriel sits down on Rodrigo's face so Rodrigo can get his tongue in nice and deep. After a bit more making out Rodrigo bends Gabriel against the wall and starts fucking him hard and fast! The two sit down so Gabriel can ride Rodrigo's dick for a while before Rodrigo pushes Gabriel over on his side so he can fuck him side-saddle for a bit. Then it's Gabriel's turn to top. He bends Rodrigo over and fucks him doggie style just as hard and just as fast as Rodrigo fucked him. After fucking for a while missionary style the two blow their loads all over each other.