Monday, September 21, 2009

Jeremy Bilding fucks Seth Sweet at Cocksuremen

Jeremy Bilding is really growing on me. I wasn't into him at all when he first came out. With every scene I think I'm liking him more and more. He's looking especially sexy in this scene. Now for Seth Sweet. I adore Seth Sweet. I don't think there's anything better than a a Big Dicked Bottom. His dick is always bigger and Harder than the Tops that fuck him.



Thonnibg said...

Good to see the condom on!
I too am liking Jeremy more and more.

Anonymous said...

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Interested Prospect said...

I'm respecting the fuck, here, for its unfailingly nourishing qualities, but I'm particularly impressed by the portrayal of cocksuck as a "return of the native" to the mouth. Seth expresses the momentousness of this return the best, both with his mouth and with his cock, which (as you say) does represent a bestowal devoutly to be wished. In the frame just preceding his fuck, he makes this especially plain with his boner's autonomous projection across the great moat of space, laying a lavish delta of pithmeat on the precipice of his partner's tongue. I would defy any male not to kneel in raptest gladness to engulf this wondrous wand, with a thirst for its ejaculation which must be quite immeasurable. Naturally, then, the honour of exalting its erection by way of jolting fuck within, offers a front seat on the spectacle of its eruption. Again: who could refuse?

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