Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simon Layton and Dan Jensen at Hard Brit Lads

Dan Jensen gets his throbbing hard on out of his jeans, and Simon Layton crouches down and starts to suck on it slowly. He pulls on Dan's lengthy foreskin with his lips, tugging at it, then pushing his tongue inside. He plays with Dan's foreskin for a while, then starts to suck deeper, and harder. He forces himself all the way down to Dan's balls, deepthroating the full length of his stiff dick. He sucks deep, making himself choke a bit on it.
He stands up and Dan drops to his knees and pulls down Simon's shorts, revealing a hard cock straining to get out of his white briefs. Dan rubs it for a moment, then slowly peels down the undies, allowing his thick uncut meat to hang down. Dan starts to lick and suck on it, and tries to suck as deep as he can. Simon pushes it as far as he can into Dan's throat. Simon then sits on the sofa and leans back, while Dan gets down on his knees to suck him. Simon grips his head firmly, making him take it deep and fucking his mouth hard.
Next, Simon tells Dan to bend over, he reaches for his ass, finds a small hole in the back of his jeans, hooks his finger into it, then rips them apart, tearing a big hole in the back of them, exposing Dan's smooth ass. Simon kneels down and pulls Dan's butt cheeks apart, spitting into them, then pushing his tongue in to lick his hole.
Then Dan sucks Simon on the sofa again, getting his mouth fucked good and hard. Simon sits up and pulls of Dan's shirt. Dan stands, and fucks Simon's mouth again, hard, fast and deep, making him choke and gag a bit, its pretty rough. Simon then pushes Dan onto the sofa on his hands and knees, and rips the hole in his jeans even wider, and starts rimming him again, getting his hole really wet, pushing his tongue right in. Then he starts to finger him, first with one finger, then two, pushing them all the way in deep and holding them there, making Dan moan.
With a big throbbing stiff dick, Simon start to fuck Dan against the sofa. And he fucks him HARD. I mean HARD. He bangs away at his ass like his life depends on it, giving him such a pounding he can barely take it. Its insanely hot.. Simon's muscles are so taut, his veins bulging as he pounds away, his hips banging against Dan's ass again and again.
Dan is on his back now, legs apart, with Simon kneeling. He fucks him hard again, showing lots of length, his cock looking thick and meaty at the base as he slides it in and out of Dan's hole. Great shots of Simon's body, his ripped chest and bulging biceps as he grips Dan by the ankles as he fucks him.
Then, for a twist, they flip.. I think Simon was just in a certain mood by this point as he was only meant to top in the scene.. But I think both lads were feeling so horny, they felt like switching, and Dan, who is very much a bottom, with his hard cock throbbing, was happy to indulge Simon by fucking him. So Simon leans against the sofa, and Dan pushes his hard cock into him. Simon does loads of dirty talk as he gets fucked, encouraging Dan to fuck him harder and deeper.
After getting pounded as much as he can take, both of them are aching to shoot their loads. Simon lays on his back, jekring off hard as Dan pushes his dick into his mouth, then wanks hard over his face, till he shoots his spunk over Simon's face and lips... Simon takes Dan's cum covered cock into his mouth and sucks off the rest of it, swallowing it, then quickly shoots his own load, and he shoots a lot, landing in pools in between his abs. Dan licks the cum from Simon's dick, then they kiss. See them now at!