Thursday, February 09, 2012

Clayton and Gavin at Dirty Tony

Clayton and his buddy Gavin are just relaxing indoors on a rainy afternoon. Gavin, who has trained for years in martial arts, decides to show Clayton some specialty moves for self-defense. After being tossed to the floor one too many times, Clayton suggets Gavin do something else while they're both lying there on the rug. Gavin takes Clayton's cock into his mouth with ease, sucking like he's had training in that art as well! After slurping Clayton to rigid rock hardness, Gavin takes a break on the ottoman. Clayton returns the favor, and deep-throats all of Gavin's ample tool. Clayton, having sucked Gavin's dick into a throbbing, ready rocket, decides it's time for more maneuvers. Clayton bends over his fuckbench, grasping firmly to the end of the bedpost as Gavin slides inside him. Gavin's girth is very nearly too much for Clayton to take. Screaming out, Clayton finally centers himself by chomping his teeth into the footboard! Clayton bends over onto the ottoman, holding on, as Gavin plows into his tight ass. Exasperated, Clayton says he can't take it anymore. Gavin follows to the bedside, re-entering Clayton as soon as he's laid down. With the merciless pounding showing no sign of an end, Clayton takes matters into his own hands. Now, with Gavin on his back, Clayton slowly pushes his cock inside him, saying, "It's a good pain". Crying out for more, Gavin grabs at his own manmeat with fierce intensity. Gavin's angry purple head shoots his seed, squirting it all over his chest. Clayton brings his engorged cock up to Gavin's face. As Gavin whispers, "Cum on my face", Clayton spills dollops of creamy goodness onto Gavin's cheek. Clayton pauses for a moment, to catch his breath. Gavin smiles. With cum still dripping toward his chin, he says, "Still wanna learn Karate?" See them now at!