Friday, February 10, 2012

How Far Can Blake Take Tatum at Active Duty

Blake gets things going by getting Tatum out of his pants. Then comes some rubbing over the boxers, and Blake gets Tatum to touch his long thick rod. Blake doesn't waste any time getting Tatum's own sizable package in his mouth, and also does a great job of deep throating at Tatum just kicks back like a disinterested straight guy being serviced by a trick.
Things progress from simple sucking, to Blake teasing Tatum with his finger, and then rimming him in two positions. He even manages to get two fingers inside him, so there may be hope for getting Tatum across the line yet. From there, Tatum does a great job topping Blake, so much so that he moans and shoots all over the couch. After that, Blake resumed sucking and Tatum accidentally shot his load in Blake's mouth. Then Blake rubbed out his second load to the taste of Tatum's seed. See them now at!