Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The FraternityX Men Pass Around Ass Holes

Sebastian knows how to service dick. Frat buddies MJ, Krys and Jackson are working over Sebastian in this multi-cumshot fuck video. I’m Dayton, I’m filming this sticky fiveway. Sebastian is lying back on the floor and Jackson is stuffing his super fat cock down Sebastian’s throat while another guy primes Sebastian’s ass with a dildo. First Jackson fucks him, then Krys, then Jackson again. Finally Seb says, ‘My ass is sore.’ So I turn the camera on Ayden. ‘You!’ I bark. Ayden ends lying in a chair with the other three guys holding him down as Jackson pumps him hard with his huge fatty. Then it just gets really confusing with all the fucking and cumming, I could hardly keep up. Ayden rides MJ’s dick and shoots his load, Krys splooges Ayden’s face. Sebastian’s lying on the floor and Jackson, MJ and Krys spunk all over him (that’s Krys’ second
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