Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Glenn Phillips Busts A Nut at Collegedudes

Glenn Phillips starts off this hot jerk-off video telling us about his favorite past-times, which include fucking as much as possible, learning how to fly single engine planes, and other types of thrill seeking activities. Glenn certainly has a history of doing out-of-the-ordinary activities, but at least in his intro video on CollegeDudes he is just doing what he has done most every day for years - working up his hot cock and busting a nut. Glenn has a hot athletic bod, and from the minute he strips down, he has an almost tentative look, as if he is getting up the courage to let loose completely. When he sits down on the couch and shows us his tight pink hole, he starts getting even more comfortable, and from there it is not very long until he tenses up and blows a nice nut all over himself. See him now at!