Saturday, May 14, 2011

Stefan Taylor and Jake Austin in Beach Bang at Naked Frat house

Jake really gives Stefan some excellent head and pushes him to the brink of blowing his load, right before Stefan pulls back and politely asks if Jake would sit on his lap. Never one to pass up a good pounding, Jake slowly eases that crazy dick into his sensitive hole, pushing it in for a few centimeters and then waiting for his constrictive sugar walls to dilate. Finally stretched out enough to accommodate that huge fuck-spear, they both start pushing against each other, pulling away and slamming back together all the while locking lips and doing a tongue tango of sorts. Wanting to take charge and look deeply into his pretty brown eyes while plumbing the depths of his digestive tract, Stefan lays Jake back on the couch and slides up inside of him, hitting every pleasure nerve along the way and forcing his eyes to roll back in his head. Finally wanting to just get reamed without abandon, Jake gets on all fours and presents his hole to Stefan for destruction. To which Stefan eagerly obliges, entering his man cave and pounding up in there till Jake's tongue can't stay in his mouth. Stefan has to pull out to catapult volley after volley of stinging white cum all over Jake's body. Jake shoots his never-ending load immediately after as it bubbles like a hot spring and sloshes all over his smooth brown body. See them now at!