Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Lex in Active Duty's War Chest

Active Duty’s War Chest featured Lex, another of Kaden's Recruits. He is a gorgeous stud, 22 years old, weighs about 180 lbs., and is 5'9" tall. Lex is not only gorgeous but he is a sexaholic too. He was ready to have some fun with the Flesh Jack he brought. He stuck that big gorgeous dick into that jack and showed off his body without any signs of nervousness. I was like, mmm-hmmm I know this is not your first time. He has such a masculine body and his ass is perfectly round and bubbly. Lex flexes every ounce of muscle in his well-defined body; I was sweating watching him. Lex has an awesome personality to match that beautiful body. You are sure to enjoy Lex as much as I did, go for it! See him now at ActiveDuty.com!