Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Jake and Calvin Flip Flop at Sean Cody

Jake has grow up "sexually" in front of the world at Sean Cody. He fucked, got fucked, three-way fucked and even got a nice trip to Hawaii out of it all. He took a little break, but now he's back and Calvin is more than happy to make him more comfortable. There was a horny playfulness between Jake and Calvin. Jake kept looking at Calvin... sizing him up and taking notice that Calvin's cock was flopping around in his shorts while we they out on their hike. Knowing how much of a hungry bottom the both can be, there was a question posed.
"Who wants it in their ass the most?
"I think it is probably a tie..." Jake smiled.
"Yeah," Calvin excitedly jumped in. "Let's do the flip flop. It's going to have to be a flip flop."
And if flip flop is what it was. See them now at!